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Sight & Sound Kids

Sight & Sound Theatres' epic adventures are made to be enjoyed by guests of all ages - including many that are children and young adults. Kids enjoy their experience as much as we enjoy having them as special guests at our theatres. In fact, nearly 1 in 3 groups visiting Sight & Sound include a guest under the age of 18.

While all our shows are family friendly, the Sight & Sound Experience is designed for children 3 and up. For your child's benefit, please consider whether your child is likely to enjoy sitting quietly and watching a performance. Sight & Sound offers parents access to the Family Room in our theatres, if your little ones become noisy or restless and need a break from the show.

Each performance does include a fifteen-minute intermission, during which time you can purchase Pepsi® products and delicious snacks from our concession stand or visit our merchandise shops which offer a variety of family-friendly gifts.

Below is a list of everything you may need to know when taking your children to Sight & Sound Theatres:

Sight & Sound Kids

Sight & Sound Theatres FAQs
Are car seats, strollers or baby carriers allowed in the aisles or seats in the theatre?

For the safety of our guests and actors, we do not allow car seats, strollers or baby carriers in our theatre. However, we do offer a convenient stroller and car seat check near the theatre's entrance. Please see an usher for assistance with checking these items.

Do you have facilities available for caring for infants?

We do have changing tables in our restrooms, but offer no service to warm baby bottles or baby food.

Do you have a children's area?

In each theatre, we have a Family Room where parents can take children that need a break from the show. The Family Room features a TV to watch the show (sorry, no other channels are available), toys, books and other comforts for kids.

What is an appropriate age for children to attend a Sight & Sound show?

While all our shows are family friendly, the Sight & Sound Experience is designed for children 3 and up. Young guests who become restless or disruptive to others will be expected to leave the theatre and relocate to the Family Room.

Do very young children need their own seat?

Although the Sight & Sound Experience is more appropriate for children ages 3 and up, children ages 0 - 2 may sit on a parent's lap. A seat may also be purchased at the child's rate if you desire additional space. If you opt to bring a lap child with you, please be careful not to block the view of the guests seated behind you and be mindful of the child'€™s ability to remain undisruptive throughout the length of the production. Young guests who become restless or disruptive to others will be expected to leave the theatre and relocate to the Family Room.

If you have questions about your child's visit to Sight & Sound Theatres, please call our Customer Care Center at (800) 377-1277.

Kids' Activites

At Sight & Sound, we love kids. Check out games and other activities designed to help our younger guests get the most out of their experience with Sight & Sound Theatres!

Parent Testimonials

Kids absolutely love the shows at Sight & Sound Theatres. Live animals, immersive sets and uplifting music are just a sampling of why our younger guests never forget their visit to our majestic theatres.

Moms and Dads can't stop raving about how much they enjoyed bringing their little ones to a Sight & Sound performance.

Parent Reviews

First show for Twins

I introduced my boy/girl twins to Sight & Sound Theatre by taking them to see Jonah. A great evening of entertainment and learning. The twins had a great time and were in awe of the production. We spoiled them of course with a beverage and a snack at intermission which topped off their evening. We ended with a picture at the entrance, which the twins requested. I look forward to repeating our evening out again soon.

Debra, Pennsylvania
Great Show

My 8 year old twins said that Jonah was the best play they have ever been to and the whole family cannot wait until we come back next year to see Noah. Great Show!

Maria, New York
Wonderful experience again and again

From beginning to end the story was intriguing and we all enjoyed it. My 12 year old kept remarking how much he loved the production. This is definitely a place to go over and over again. Remember to try the Spicy Apple Cider and the Almonds......delicious. Appropriate for ALL age groups...

Christine, Maryland
Awesome, loved it, place is amazing

We brought our 9 & 4 yr old children and they loved it!! We came from Massachusetts to see the story of Jonah... it was worth the trip! We most definitely will be coming back. The play was great, the theater was beautiful, and the staff was friendly and polite.

Jeffrey, Massachusetts
Awesome production

We saw 'Joseph', which was the production of the bible story. This was extremely well done. Our whole family really enjoyed it (wife and 3 kids - 13yr old girl, 10yr old girl, 9yr old boy). The theater itself is a really grand structure. Sights and sounds surround you throughout. It's excellent!

Darrick, Missouri
Joseph was great, especially at Christmas time

Kids loved the live animals, everything was professionally done. Beautiful theater. Definitely worth the money.

Silver, Georgia
What a magnificent evening

We just returned from the production of 'Joseph' this evening. It was absolutely magnificent! A beautiful portrayal of the biblical account of the life of Joseph. My 4 children (ages 10, 9, 6, and 2) were enthralled during the entire show. I would love to attend more shows in the future. Thanks for a most memorable evening!

Candace, Canada

Joseph show was absolutely spectacular and enjoyed by the whole family, even my 4 year old grandson loved it. The costumes, singing, and acting were just awesome. It held the attention of everyone for the whole time. So glad we went.

Karen, Maine

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